"If you know the enemy and you know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles"

"the art of war", Sun  tzu 

category: elections

While the founding fathers of the United States were quite wise and creative in their drafting of the US Constitution, there are pitfalls. One that has both benefits and drawbacks is the independent election of Presidents and members of congress. In fact it worsened when the US passed the 17th amendment to the Constitution providing for direct election of US Senators to the Senate. In a Parliamentarian system, the majority party selects the Prime Minister or, if no party has a majority, the largest party must broker a coalition with enough other members to obtain a majority vote to select a Prime Minister. This helps preserve a system of multiple ideologically diverse parties.

In the US, with Presidents, congressmen and Senators elected directly by the voters, it is almost impossible for a 3rd party to develop any momentum since to get started, most voters realize a vote for a 3rd party is essentially throwing away their vote. This, along with the recent exponential increase in information technology which has spawned blogs, chat rooms, cable news and other forms of instantaneous mass communication and vastly deepened the divide of ideology in the US and threatens the country as a house divided against itself. The original constitution provided for Senators to be elected by each state legislature thus empowering the states with greater balance against the federal government. With direct election, state power has been diluted among the voters who are greatly divided. So two of the three branches of government certainly will always be composed of members of two parties, currently the Republicans and Democrats, who each must find their common party ideology in order to gain and retain power, or else each party will become divided and thus lose strength and influence. This situation tends to kill off minority 3rd party ideology and is further aggravating the chasm between the people as they must choose either one of the other in order to have any influence in running the country. And in the struggle to gain power, conflict becomes more and more personal; reference the attacks of the Democrats on President Trump and visa versa. While there are calls for unity, they fall on deaf ears due to the reality of the situation. How can this be rectified?