"If you know the enemy and you know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles"

"the art of war", Sun  tzu 

category: politics

The last US Presidential campaign was the most divisive in modern history and is still being hotly contested by the Democratic Party. Calls to “Impeach Trump” are loud and boisterous. Both sides have moved further apart and compromise is now seen as a weakness and to be rewarded with removal from office by the associated party. Trump is called a racist mainly because of one speech which he gave after a murder in a demonstration in Charlotte NC by a white supremacist, where he misspoke about each side having good people. With the uproar he hastily retracted and reframed that speech to denounce white supremacy, but it was too late.

The first speech is what his opponents honed in on and he has not been able to reverse the criticism from the left. Trump has not held back in his use of colorful language with his defensive replies to these attacks thus enraging the left all the more. The right tolerates these outbursts seeing them as standing up to the bullies on the left. The right also agrees with the actions Trump has taken regarding tax reform, healthcare, deregulation, defense of Christianity, immigration and more.

The left looks for higher taxes on the rich, spreading the wealth, subduing Christianity in favor of a more humanistic and secular culture, open borders and a generally more socialistic society presumably with a more academically adept elite with greater power to rein in business and direct the lives of those less able to achieve the American dream. The left is tangibly represented by academia, the ultra-rich, the Hollywood elite, minorities and single women. This identity politics defines where we are a s country at this time. We are a long way from returning to returning the to the days of tolerance for all. Let’s hope this division is not the legacy we leave for our Children.