"If you know the enemy and you know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles"

"the art of war", Sun  tzu 

category: society

Is the mainstream media being fair to trump and US conservatives? Non-partisan studies show over 90% of the press coverage regarding Trump, Republicans and conservatives in general is negative. This alone shows a clear lack of objectivity in press coverage. Free press journalism is crucial to a free people, however, the case could be made the press is no longer free. The press itself maintains a position that Trump is pressuring the press to his way of thinking and that, due to that, Trump is a danger to America. However, with over 90% of the coverage being against Trump and conservative thought, exactly the opposite is true. This should be self-evident. The left in the US has seized the minds of most of academia, the mainstream media, Hollywood and the ultra-rich to attack the right with an unprecedented viciousness.

These elitists feel they must control our society as the masses of folks are not capable to governing ourselves. The use of political correctness, instilling of racial hatred, discrediting of Christianity, turning the poor against the rich, calls for equality for all, gun control and open borders but all the while keeping themselves above reproach are standard tactics used throughout history in order for the party of the elite to gain control of the weak minded, and ultimately all of society. A truly free press and free people will see through these things and continue to maintain a society that rewards those who work hard and are productive while also showing compassion for eth truly needy. Open your eyes, America!

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