"If you know the enemy and you know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles"

"the art of war", Sun  tzu 

category: tax-reform

President Trump most significant achievement to date has been tax reform. Conservatives cheer this milestone as they believe it will return more funds to the private sector which will ultimately return it to society in the form of more and higher paying jobs through a more robust economy. Some the of the tax cuts went directly to individual taxpayers which will be used to either pay down debt or purchase goods and services which should, in turn, create more jobs.

The bigger part of the package, however, is the tax cut to corporations intended to increase investment, repurchase stock and issue employee bonuses all returning money to the economy thus stimulating it towards higher growth and more jobs. The new tax rate is now competitive with most of the rest of the world and thus will encourage international corporations to return money made overseas to this country for investment. Liberals cast doubt on that effect saying these cuts will only benefit the rich and increase recurring deficits and the national debt. They would rather have government-directed stimuli to areas that the government deems most needy. Which is correct? Only time will now tell.