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About Us

Everyone has an opinion.  And the free world thrives on the diversity and breadth of thought and ideas.  And a civil exchange of these ideas is what truly builds a better world for all of us to live in.  Every day we see on the news debates between folks with different ideas, but so many times it becomes heated, personal and they talk over each other. 

Sidesnpoints strives to provide a forum where each side can make its point and also develop a greater awareness of an opposing point of view in an uninterrupted and civil debate for any argument pertaining to global, national, state or local political, cultural, or any other issues or candidates running for office.  We, at sidesnpoints.com LLC are providing this free forum for everyone to express their opinion in a video, audio or written format which then invites someone with an opposing view to respond in kind.  This forum allows three rounds of debate for each participant and allows comments afterward.  We invite you to participate, have fun and return comments to us on how to improve the site. 

Thanks for sharing your sides and your points with everyone